Emanuel Glicen Romano

Emanuel Glicen Romano or Emanuel Glicenstein (1897–1984) was a painter born in Italy. He emigrated to America and spent some mature in Safed in Israel. where he organised a museum for his father's work.

Emanuel Glicenstein was born in Rome on 23 September 1897. His daddy Henryk Glicenstein was a sculptor and he was buzzing in Rome like his wife Helena (born Hirszenberg) when Emanuel was born. His dad obtained Italian citizenship and adopted the reveal Enrico. Emanuel was brought up in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England and Poland. in 1926 Emanuel and his daddy sailed for New York. They briefly visited Chicago. Glicenstein's sister, Beatrice, and mommy joined them in New York years later. Romano distorted his name when he was in America and some have erroneously thought this was to avoid Jewish discrimination. However Romano untouched his say in order that he could create his own completion and to avoid creature accused of exploiting his father's fame. In 1936 Romano was full of zip for the Federal Art Project creating murals (see picture). During and unexpectedly after World War II, Romano created a series of allegorical works depicting graphic holocaust images that were held next door to by the relatives after his passing. One of these works is in the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg Florida.

Romano was a good buddy of Onya La Tour, an art saver and objector for forward looking art. A 1940 catalog of La Tour's addition lists two works by Romano. Their membership may have been a loving one. In 1950, Romano painted a portrait of La Tour.

Emanuel's daddy died in 1942 in a car accident before they could travel to Israel. In 1944 Romano exploited the studies he had completed at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago subsequent to he taught at the City College of New York. He moved to Safed in Israel in 1953 to set occurring a museum in his father's memory. In November 1984 Romano died and the taking into account year the Glicenstein Museum became the Israel Bible Museum and many valuable paintings were stored away.

In 2008 the Deputy Mayor of Safed was charged with stealing paintings including one by Mane-Katz, which was recognised by a curator in Haifa. The paintings that had been total storage included ones by Eugène Delacroix, Édouard Manet and Paul Cézanne.

Romano has paintings in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Boston Fine Arts Museum, the Fogg Museum and the Musée Nacional de France. Recently his undertaking has been supplementary to the Florida Holocaust Museum collection. His notable works count his holocaust allegorical paintings as skillfully as portraits of Marianne Moore, his father and William Carlos Williams. Romano created a portrait of T.S. Eliot as without difficulty as woodcuts to illustrate an edition of Eliot's The Waste Land.

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