Emerson Abeita

Emerson Abeita (May 19, 1957 – February 3, 2017) was an award-winning Navajo painter from Crownpoint, New Mexico. He made oil paintings and was primarily known for his depiction of Navajo people, nature, and animals. He was a younger brother of another well-known Navajo painter, Jim Abeita.

Emerson Abeita traditional an artistic education at the American Academy of Arts in Chicago, Illinois and at the Evanston Art Center in Evanston, Illinois in the late 1970s–early 1980s. Afterwards, he started exhibiting and competing at actions like the New Mexico State Fair, the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonials, and the Navajo Tribal Fair and Rodeo, often winning prizes for his art. Abeita's do its stuff was shown in places afterward the New Mexico State Fair Fine Arts Gallery and the Gallup Public Library to the side of painters past Archie Blackowl. His art was used as newspaper illustrations.

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