Anna Maria Horner

Anna Maria Horner (born 1972) is an artist, author and fabric designer in Nashville, Tennessee, known for her luminous fabric designs, quilts, and sewing patterns. In addition to teaching classes and selling items globally below her namesake brand, she has written several books approximately sewing, quilting, and needlework. Horner has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and been featured in Better Homes and Gardens. In May 2015 she opened Craft South, a craft stock and studio in Nashville.

Horner comes from a associates of artists, including painters, weavers, and knitters, and moot to sew as a child. She difficult attended the University of Tennessee, where she earned a fine arts degree in drawing and was introduced to patchwork quilting. Horner founded a clothing and housewares boutique called Handmaiden in 1995. She continued to intended clothes, paint and quilt. In 2001, Horner began work upon her personal brand Anna Maria.

Horner's fabric designs have been sold roughly speaking the world. She is a designer for FreeSpirit Fabrics and serves as a curator for Anna Maria's Conservatory, collecting put it on by supplementary fabric design artists. Horner is known for lustrous designs that often feature geometric and floral motifs. As a quilter, Horner combines her knowledge of usual handcraft similar to her fine arts degree knowledge to create new designs rooted in standard handcraft techniques.

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