Biagio Black

Biagio Black is an American artist who is based in New York and Los Angeles. Black is best known for his distinctive large format portraits of fashion icons that adjoin Vivienne Westwood, Kate Moss, Kiera Knightley, and Marion Cotillard. Black's accomplishment has mostly been featured in Los Angeles and New York City.

His put-on is characterized by deconstructing his subjects into intricate patterns of flat-fields that appear as a nice of color topography from up-close, yet from a distance, comes together to form a cumulative image – at epoch photorealistic and at further times highly stylized.

While energetic in Paris, Black gained response in the fashion industry after completing a video art piece for Kate Moss. Ford Models commissioned Black to do a series of illustrations of their L.A. based models including a portrait of model, Chanel Iman. Printed upon Fords Models' comp cards, his unique illustrations gained squirrel status within the L.A. fashion community. Thereafter, Black selected ten of the illustrations and created 6-ft high painted versions for a series entitled, "New Faces". Black's “New Faces” along past multiple portraits from extra collections was featured in a special exhibition at the Los Angeles MOCA in 2009 during Downtown LA Fashion Week.

Black states he draws inspiration from Warhol, Rauschenberg, Bill Sienkiewicz, punk, movie posters, product design, and Pop Culture.

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