Brenda Zlamany

Brenda Zlamany is an American artiste best known for portraiture that combines Old Master technique past a postmodern conceptual approach. She gained attention beginning in the 1990s, when critics such as Artforum's Barry Schwabsky, Donald Kuspit and John Yau identified her in the course of a little group of symbolic painters reviving the neglected legacies of portraiture and classical technique by introducing confrontational subject matter, psychological acuteness and social critique. Her to the lead portraits of well-known male artists, such as Chuck Close and Leon Golub, reversed enjoyable artist/sitter gender and power dynamics; her progressive projects upend the traditionally "heroic" nature of portraiture by featuring underrepresented groups and indistinctive people. Zlamany has exhibited internationally at institutions including the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, National Museum, GdaƄsk, and New-York Historical Society. Her take effect has been official with a Fulbright Fellowship, Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award, and commissions from Yale University, World Bank and The New York Times Magazine; it belongs to public collections such as the Neuberger Museum of Art and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Zlamany is based in Brooklyn, New York.

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