Camille Engel

Camille Engel (born April 21, 1955) is a self-taught American realist painter currently energetic in Nashville, TN. Her diverse pictorial themes supplement contemporary still lifes, landscapes, fruits and flowers, trompe-l'œils, figuratives, and animal portraits. She is best known as a bird artiste depicting suddenly realistic, colorful natural world of intricate detail and textures, characteristically breaking through torn trompe-l'œil holes in her art paper.

Engel's act out has been repeatedly featured in Southwest Art, The Artist's Magazine, International Artist. Her oeuvre has time-honored numerous awards, among them the People's Choice Award at the Gilcrease Museum's “American Art in Miniature” exhibition in 2008, and the third place of the Artistic Excellence Competition by Southwest Art in 2015.

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