Charles Wish

Charles Wish (born, Los Angeles, California, 1971) is an American painter best known for visually fusing Regionalism imagery once 9th - 19th century South Asian symbolism and motifs. (Debut show: CPop Gallery, Detroit, Michigan - 2005)

Confronting the information age challenges of extreme cultural contrariety and cross-cultural interaction, as competently as America’s own internal culture war, Wish draws from a diverse range of influences to take up his style of "agrariadelic" paintings. Citing various artists of the far-east, along subsequent to American painters including: Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton, Wish thoughtfully combines the imagery of an esoteric philosophy next some of rural-America’s most selfsame figures and scenes.

After spending four years (1999–2003) at a Ramakrishna, Hindu monastery, as a student of South-Asian culture and personal partner to Swami Swahananda, Wish would reward to the San Fernando Valley, California. It would be here, not far-off from where he spent his formative years, where he would set happening his first studio and launch his art career. Wish now maintains two studios, the indigenous in Southern California and one in Elk County, PA, where he and his wife are restoring and converting a large Federal-style building into a cultural middle and community creative space.

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