Derek Buckner

Derek Buckner, an American realist painter based in New York City, studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited in New York City, East Hampton, and Todo Santos, Mexico. His father, Walker Buckner, is an important realist painter in Boston. Buckner is a nephew of new-music buccaneer Thomas Buckner and of children's objector Elizabeth Buckner.

As a Brooklyn-based artist, Derek Buckner draws inspiration from the beauty within the seemingly banal settings of suburban houses and intersecting freeways. These scenes are not expected to depict particular areas of the United States but to give abet to as archetypal representations of American suburban sprawl. It is not only the artist's expressive, elemental brushwork that depicts necessary images of the contemporary American landscape, but furthermore his different of subjects, which stress the disconcert of suburban life. Buckner states:

Derek Buckner grew stirring in Brooklyn, New York. He went upon to scrutiny at Vassar College and expected his B.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited in New York, Chicago, Italy, Mexico, East Hampton, and Santa Fe. His play-act is in numerous[quantify] private and corporate collections in this country[which?] and abroad. A deed at the George Billis Gallery in New York was reviewed deferentially in The New Yorker and in The New York Sun, as competently as in further publications. He has also received reviews in The New York Times and in the LA Times[citation needed] and was fixed by Charlotta Kotik of the Brooklyn Museum for a juried exhibition of youngster painters.[failed verification]

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