Félix de la Concha

Félix de la Concha (born 1962) is a painter. Born in León, Spain, he resides in Pittsburgh and Madrid.

In 1985 he was fixed to participate in the Primera Muestra de Arte Joven (Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid) where his enactment was awarded. Since then he has had several shows, mainly in Europe and the United States, including one person exhibitions in the Columbus Museum of Art (1998), Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh (1999), Hood Museum of Art (2009), the Frick Art & Historical Center (2004), Museo de Bellas Artes in Santander (1995), Museo del Chopo, México D.F. (1994), Centro Cultural La Recoleta in Buenos Aires (1993), and Centro Rómulo Gallegos in Caracas (1993).

His work One A Day: 365 Views of the Cathedral of Learning, a series that he painted all day during one year even if staying in Pittsburgh, is a unshakable exhibit at the University of Pittsburgh's Alumni Hall. He has along with done additional series of paintings in oscillate places such as Rome (the city where he went considering a scholarship approved by the Spanish Academy and where he lived from 1989 until 1994), Santander, Seville and Cairo.

He has focused upon a particular format of portraiture. It can be seen in video the sitter talking, and the painting evolving from blank canvas to the very conclusion of the work. As painted neither from photographs neither from previous sketches, and usually when a single session (alla prima), eventual errors are fervent to him. He introduces the term pictorial anacoluthon, going encourage to the Greek line of the term anacoluthon (meaning inconclusive) and its rhetorical use: As following spoken language, there will be mistakes, both in the portrait’s symmetry, and in its desirability of completeness. However, what may be considered, at first, a formal error may as well as be a form of expression. However he accomplishes accurate detail.

The first of this series was exhibited at the Museo Contemporáneo de Madrid in 2008.

51 portraits were exhibited at the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, with the theme of Conflict and Reconciliation in 2009.

He has then immersed himself in communities, whether in New Hampshire and Vermont, Iowa or Pennsylvania, or in his indigenous Spain. He has portrayed and interviewed Holocaust survivors approaching the world.

More recently, he has become curious in portraits next music and synaesthesia, as his feint with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra.

On Fallingwater En Perspectiva he in style the invitation to an Elongated residency subsequently unprecedented entrance to the building and grounds.

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