Gheorghe Șaru

Gheorghe Șaru (also George Saru; 1920 – 2003) was a Romanian-American painter, born in Romania at Checea, Timis County.

Best known as an abstract modernist painter, Saru was certainly active in Romania, working as both an performer and professor of art at The Fine Art Academy of Bucharest. He is known for his deed to create transparency and a glowing quality through his fine brushwork. His abstract accomplishment has a very clear style and often hides symbolic motifs whatever throughout. George Saru has illustrated many books, children's books, has intended mosaic public art works and has collaborated on tapestry pretend with his wife, Liana Saru.

He moved to America in the late 1980s and although legally blind, he painted until his last days taking on a much exchange and less detailed, striking brushwork style and painted in much brighter colors. He rests at Calvary Cemetery, New York City.

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