Harry Underwood

Harry Underwood (born 1969) is an American painter known for his use of stenciled images and instructor elements atop wood panels. His pictures are painted with home paints and written upon with ordinary No. 2 pencils. His subjects are an eclectic blend of realism, surrealism, pop art and invention.

Underwood has been labelled an outsider artist, a pop artist, and a folk artist. However, unlike most folk artists, his paintings are deliberately planned, often taking months of ideation prior to their execution. One critic said of the detailed planning that goes into Underwood's accomplish that "what results is more a cocktail of realism, surrealism, and pop, of Edward Hopper meets Salvador DalĂ­ meets Andy Warhol."

He is popularly known by his first name "Harry", and distinctively signs his paintings as soon as this moniker.

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