Hernan Bas

Hernan Bas (born 1978 in Miami, Florida, United States) is an player based in Detroit, Michigan. He graduated in 1996 from the New World School of the Arts in Miami.

Bas is known for his depictions of waifs and dandies, who are somewhat based upon his own experiences, as without difficulty as his accomplish with the material SlimFast and the paranormal. Overtime, Bas says, these characters have grown in his paintings and taken upon different roles. Bas is gay and queerness often influences his discharge duty in the form of waifs and further young men, typically recurrent characters in his work.

Bas owns a building in Detroit that was renovated by Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, the couple at the rear Detroit electronic music court case Adult. The building is on a block called Service Street noted for the number of diverse and practiced artists that decree there, including techno music buccaneer Derrick May.

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