Igor Babailov

Igor Valerievich Babailov (born February 9, 1965) is an American painter and portrait performer known for his commissioned portraits of global leaders, celebrities and distinguished individuals. Some of his notable portraits increase those of: Pope Benedict XVI (Vatican), President of Russia Vladimir Putin (Kremlin), New York State Appellate Division Justice Joseph P. Sullivan (Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State), Mayor Rudolph Giuliani of New York (Giuliani Partners), Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (House of Commons), pianist Byron Janis
(Steinway Hall), Templeton Prize recipient Michael Novak of the American Enterprise Institute, and numerous extra prominent figures for public and private collections. Besides portrait works, Babailov is as a consequence known for his large scale multi-figurative paintings, such as his “For Gold, God and Glory” painting and “Believe” painted for the Vatican on the occasion of the World Youth Days.

Babailov began his formal art education at nine years of age. He received his Master of Fine Art's degree from the Surikov Academy of Fine Arts of The Moscow School of Painting recognized for its famous teachers and alumni: Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin, and Abram Arkhipov accompanied by others.

Scholar and innovative of the traditional values in visual arts, Mr. Babailov's teachings put the accent on the importance of drawing from dynamism as a introduction for strong painting. Babailov holds workshops and portrait demonstrations in art colleges, art societies, and private clubs across North America. He is a public speaker, represented by Harry Walker Agency. According to the Agency, in his demonstrations “…you witness "the unmodified of the soul" coming alive in stomach of your eyes…”

Babailov has been featured in professional art publications and news media, such as: The New York Daily News, National Review, The Moscow Times, CBC News, the Vatican's ZENIT, Live in the heavens of Regis and Kelly Show, The Artist's Magazine, Art World News, International Artist, Classical Realism Journal, AskMen, MercatorNet, The Encyclopedia Tematica del Peru, and Italian American magazine Primo.

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