Isis Rodriguez

Lilly Marie Rodriguez, known by her artist name Isis Rodríguez (born 1964 in Los Angeles, CA), is an American contemporary painter who uses the sparkle as a conceptual tool to discuss issues that focuses on the empowerment and liberation of women. Combining classical truth with contemporary influences including tattoo art, graffiti, and especially cartoons, her works bridge expected distinctions between tall and low art, creating a hybrid style that expresses extra possibilities for female identity and spirituality. Judy Chicago and Edward Lucie Smith draw attention to Rodriguez as one of the few female artists to ever discuss the sex industry in her work, and Sherri Cullison includes Rodriguez along with the most noteworthy American women artists of the 20th century.

She has been included in numerous solo and help exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, and Argentina, including Bay Area Now in San Francisco and the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato. Her art is featured in two documentaries: Blind Eye to Justice: HIV+ Women in California’s Prisons (Carol Leigh, 1998) and Live Nude Girls Unite! (Julia Query, 2000).

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