Izya Shlosberg

Izya Shlosberg (born November 4, 1950) is an American artist, writer and philosopher, well known for expressing his philosophical and scientific ideas through his paintings.

Born in 1950 in Pinsk, Belarus, Izya moved to the United States in 1994 and quickly became known in the New York and Baltimore art circles for his unique style and skill to heavens himself through his work. Through his art, Izya Shlosberg attempts to tutor others not quite the world and its many unknowns.

With his complex, three-dimensional works, Shlosberg encourages those who view them "to think outside the box and next outside of that box".

In 1999, Izya Shlosberg began to write novels, mostly describing thoughts behind his philosophical concepts. Some of the topics of assimilation to him included communications and concurrence between flourishing and "accepted as living" things, combination of mechanical and creative processes, a two exaggeration communication amongst the creator and his product, and others.

When he began writing, Shlosberg created the idea that unprejudiced art pieces represent a specific technical product, rather than paintings. Specifically, he total art and literature into one whole fragment that tells a story. According to him, this inspiration came from him after he door history of art, referring to many well-known artists as writers.

Shlosberg's paintings don't illustrate what his novels say and his novels don't repeat the report of his paintings. Although both objects are independent of one another, the inclusion of them creates a multidimensional, emotional, complex product. According to him, not by yourself does this engagement cause rarefied visual effects, but next creative ones.

In 2002 he created an international club of multi-talented people, Shiva-club, which includes very nearly 100 artists, authors, musicians, including such as artists as E. Zolotnitsky, D. Gerrman, G. Gurvich (USA), S. Zhilevich (Belarus), E. Berezin, A. Cherkasov (Russia), S. Livni (Israel), etc.), authors (P. Amnuel (Israel), M. Gelprin (USA), J. Gavrilenko, M. Drobkov (Russia), V. Yatsenko (Ukraine), etc., poets E. Sosnina, A. Gabriel, V. Zubareva, B. Kokotov, B. Vershov, Y. Braginsky (USA), F. Zorin (Israel), T. Borinevich, M. Pavlova, N. Tkachenko (Russia), etc., and musicians (P. Slutsky, N. Slutsky, B. Rookard (USA), O. Venger (Belarus), etc.).

The Custodian. (ISBN 978-0-9791791-1-2) Seagull Press. This sticker album includes a novel called "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses", two long stories, and a heap of sudden stories. All stories in the collection are united by a common philosophical a breath of spacious air about lives of non-human forms across several dimensions and worlds, including the human world. He shows that communications following those dimensions and worlds are impossible due to human's mental and biological limitations.

Grey Zone. (ISBN 978-1442173798) Hanna Concern Publishing. This book includes a large novel as skillfully as a addition of shorter novels. This compilation continues the philosophical drying about lives of non-human forms started in the previous book. The author introduces an idea of a highbrow product represented by a inclusion of art and literature. Both components can exist independently. However, they Make a other meaning in the express of combined.

Light Behind The Back. (ISBN 978-1448617128) Hanna Concern Publishing. This baby book includes a large store of sudden stories united by a common theme – existence of the non-human world. Species buzzing in this world are unable to communicate afterward humans because they breathing in stand-in dimensions, times, and systems of coordinates or conveniently have a communications mechanism alternating from that of humans.

Transcending Images. (ISBN 978-1448690978) Hanna Concern Publishing. Co-written with [Boris Kokotov], this CD includes a hoard of poems and paintings. Paintings don't talk about poems and poems don't describe the paintings, but each set of paintings and poems talks roughly the same subject, describing it in swing ways.

Set of poems. (ISBN 978-1461050797) Hanna Concern Publishing. This sticker album contents poems written by author after 1998.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (ISBN 978-1461116622) Hanna Concern Publishing. This stamp album includes a stock of gruff novels and stories.

Tail of Var. (ISBN 978-1467959667) Hanna Concern Publishing. This book includes many sci-fi stories as soon as humor.

Yes and No (ISBN 978-1475078695) Hanna Concern Publishing. This book includes a philosophical novel and set of stories.

Equilibrium (ISBN 978-1492704782) Hanna Concern Publishing. Co-written with [Alex Gabriel], this tape includes a buildup of poems and paintings.

City without armrests (ISBN 978-1501007194) Hanna Concern Publishing. Co-written with [Julia Drabkin], this record includes a accrual of poems and paintings.

Dance when daughter (ISBN 978-1502952134) Hanna Concern Publishing. Co-written with [Barry Vershov], this compilation includes a heap of poems and paintings.

By the epoch you come, we will be gone (ISBN 978-1502983039) Hanna Concern Publishing. This stamp album includes a philosophical novel and set of stories.

All listed books illustrated by author.

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