Jay Batlle

Jay Batlle is an artist born in 1976, who expected his Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in 1998. He went to the Ateliers in Amsterdam from 1998 to 2000. Batlle's "epicurean" paintings, drawings, and sculptures accept the habits of the gourmet as a source of inspiration and social commentary. His oeuvre offers both a critique of comestible-related decadence and a celebration of the preparation and consumption of food across various cultures.

A skilled cook as without difficulty as an artist, Batlle's layered compositions often incorporate images and text from the food section of publications such as the New Yorker and the New York Times or stationery from restaurants vis-а-vis the world, as competently as fragments of recipes, sketches, photographs, and additional found objects. The resulting works are often the end off past coffee grounds, wine, and new food stains.

The artist's statute examines "the good life"—success, fortune, and sensual pleasure—and the void that exists along with this idealized simulation and reality. His take steps asks whether the dwindling of art is to accomplish a summit socioeconomic rank or comprehensibly to come in the works with the child maintenance for ones livelihood. As he explains: “Even if it’s idealistic, or romantic, my doing needs a pathos … an urgency, a problem.” For Batlle, this source is humanity’s bungled aspirations to a activity that we ultimately cannot attain, which he expresses in his function through recurring imagery of women, glamorous parties, luxury brands and products, alcohol, food, and money.

Batlle’s con has been exhibited at galleries and museums including Metro Pictures, the Chelsea Museum, Exit Art, The Dorsky Gallery in New York City, the Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenössische Kunst in Münster, (Germany), the National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago de Chile, and at the Museum of Liverpool, United Kingdom. He is represented by 1000eventi gallery in Milan, Italy and works once Nyehaus, in New York and Clages, in Cologne.

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