Jay Milder

Jay Milder (born 1934) is an American artist and a figurative expressionist painter of the second generation New York School.

Themes from the Hebrew Bible such as Jacob's Ladder and Noah’s Ark, and the esoteric mystical beliefs of the Kabbalah, are recurring themes in Milder’s paintings which are presented as archetypal images that recur in the basic karma, make-up and obsession of human nature.

Milder's law has been internationally exhibited and is included in the collections of many museums. He has been the subject of several retrospectives in Brazil. The first was in 2006, at the Museum of Modern Art, in Rio de Janeiro and the second, in 2007 at the National Museum Brasilia. Milder is well-known in Sao Paulo, one of the major international centers for street and public art, as a seminal influence on graffiti artists.

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