Jeff Parrott

Jeff Parrott (aka Psyexpression) (born 1983, Dallas, Texas, United States), is an American artist. He grew up in Dallas.
He started painting and the playing the violin at the age of four and the piano synthesizer keyboard. Parrott created Psyexpression a painting Diaries of consciousness and alien creatures from hidden realms of the universe. This manic feeling manifested into an ideal called, Psyexpressionism the underground psychedelic trip and GoaPsy in the distance out darkness androids from lighthearted being seen an aliens dreams paintings neural creatures inside Psyexpressionism artist movement.
Jeffrey Parrott culture comes from a swing place and aerate one that is inside the home the studio the four walled realms we alive inside to stress the universe suggestion for the future.

Parrott works on the side of veracity unseen by the viewer. This genre of psyche
and angst is caused due in share by the human condition, which Parrott, pursues with a
dark snare where his unconscious mind rolls into the consciousness of his self that is
than analyzed by the viewer.
Jeff Parrott, loved making art and playing the violin past he was five years old. Jeff
Parrott, has a musical and painting genre called 'PsyExpression' where Parrott, has
composed 6 music albums all released, this year 2016, which he has worked upon for
the last decade, which his latest album called Alien Music, which is collaged piles of
styles experimental electronica.
The be active Jeff Parrott does, would be considered underground an not seen by may, but
he does not mind this, for he will create works of art because he has to in order to stay
sane and collaborate similar to society's expectations.
Jeff Parrott, feels he is an alien within an alien world where he thrives to succeed in
expressing the unseen of existence in raw form. art is solitary important if one does not
know but at the same time does know. That is why certainty must be recorded and Jeff
Parrott, records string from years of searching for the outdoor of this universe to bring
into existence to earth.
Dallas artist, Jeff Parrott who creates strong and painting that relates the unconscious
processes. It's an art genre called Psyexpression, which relates to how human
expression in art and music can explain supreme and Jeff Parrott, creates psychedelic
landscapes and experimental expressesion through painting sound.
Jeff Parrott, currently performs stir music in underground venues throughout Texas

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