Joan Snyder

Joan Snyder (born April 16, 1940) is an American painter from New York. She is a MacArthur Fellow, a Guggenheim Fellow, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow (1974).

Snyder first gained public attention in the into the future 1970s with her gestural and elegant "stroke paintings," which used the grid to deconstruct and retell the financial credit of abstract painting. By the late seventies, Snyder had isolated the formality of the grid. She began more explicitly incorporating symbols and text, as the paintings took on a more perplexing materiality. These to the front works were included in the 1973 and 1981 Whitney Biennials and the 1975 Corcoran Biennial.

"The functions of Ms. Snyder's art, first and foremost, are to extra the tradition of painting and to probe the most enormous aspects of the human condition; to attach us not deserted to one option and to nature but to ancient rites and myths. She reminds us that no business how futuristic and civilized we are, art can yet be raw, primitive and talismanic. Without apologies or decorum, Ms. Snyder's be active awakens everything of the things still wild within us." – Lance Esplund, Wall Street Journal

Often referred to as an autobiographical or confessional artist, Snyder's paintings are narratives of both personal and communal experiences. Through a fiercely individual read and persistent experimentation subsequent to technique and materials, Snyder has extended the expressive potential of abstract painting, inspiring generations of emerging artists.

Snyder currently lives and works in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY. She is represented by Canada in New York, NY, Franklin Parrasch Gallery in New York, NY, Parrasch Heijnen Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Elena Zang Gallery in Woodstock, NY, and Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art in New York, NY.

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