John Bauer (American painter)

John Bauer (born 1971) is an American painter and artiste based in San Diego. He customary his BA in Studio Art in 1993 from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Bauer uses screen printing, spray paint and stencils to create abstract paintings. His palette is in this area exclusively blacks, silvers and greys. The perform deals similar to the nature of fabricating and translating images. There is a confrontation between brushwork and more hands-off techniques in the paintings. The images in his compositions both invalidate and materialize simultaneously. Untitled (#1409), in the accrual of the Honolulu Museum of Art, is an example of the artist's "black paintings", which have been described as "containing hints of abstract expressionism".

Solo shows attach 2008 Maruani & Noirhomme gallery, Belgium; Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad, Switzerland; 2007 and 2003 at Bellwether Gallery in New York and 1998 at Clementine Gallery in New York. He has shown perform in activity exhibitions including "The Triumph of Painting" at the Saatchi Gallery, New York’s Finest at Canada Gallery in New York, and various activity shows at the Bellwether Gallery. He is represented by Patricia Low Contemporary in Switzerland and Alain Noirhomme in Belgium.

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