Jose Luis Cabrera (artist)

Jose Luis Cabrera (born 1984) is a Guatemalan American contemporary visual artist, specializing in painting, sculpture, assemblage art, and video installations.

Cabrera's put-on involves the production of ethereal, enigmatic, romantic, Neo—magical authenticity and supernatural imagery. His produce an effect makes references to personal memories and found imagery. His conceptual and profound approach to making contemporary works of art is extremely influenced by the supernatural occurrences in the unnamed life; Neo-expressionism, Baroque painting, Ancient Egyptian art, Mayan art, and graffiti. He currently lives and works in both Miami. Jose Cabrera's perform has been out of sight from the gallery and mainstreams channels for the last couple of years, as told be an interview over and done with 2017vevo. He is prime raptness in the quote " the Lab Era" has been to build his Technic and practice. He currently offers his put on an act to collectors directly from his website, one of the few artists to really accept on this idea of discharge themselves from the enjoyable Old gallery model in contemporary art.

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