Ken Marlow

Ken Marlow (born 1960) is an American realist painter known for his precisionist still life paintings and portraiture. He was born in the U. S. state of Texas and raised in an Air Force intimates in Mississippi, Dayton, Ohio, and Washington D.C.. He studied painting behind artists Danni Dawson and the late world Famous portraitist, Nelson Shanks and normal a BA degree in art chronicles from Yale University. Marlow's doing is included in the Mississippi Museum of Art. In 1985 Marlow was the recipient of American Artist Magazine's Grand Prize Award. Marlow cites Shanks as well as Burton Silverman, Jean-Simeon Chardin, Jan van Huysum, and sculptor Bruno Luchesi as influences. In 1986 Marlow was the recipient of the award in art from the Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters. Marlow has had several solo exhibitions at the Hollis Taggart Galleries at both their New York City and Washington D.C. exhibition spaces mas capably as the Jane Hanselm Gallery. In 2013 the painter suffered a stroke. A Go Fund Me page has been set going on to raise money to enable him to hire therapy to in order for him to paint skillfully once again.

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