Larry D. Alexander

Larry Dell Alexander (born May 30, 1953) is an American artist, Christian author and Catechist from Dermott, Arkansas in Chicot County. Alexander is best known for his creations of elaborate colorful, and black & white "pen and ink" drawings in his "crosshatching", or "hatching" technique, and his acrylic paintings. His works not by yourself depict the African-American experience but along with the experiences of people throughout American chronicles itself. He also normal notoriety and a personal presidential thanks for his personal rendition of a "Clinton Family Portrait" oil painting which he gave to U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1995. It is now a allocation of the deposit at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is plus known for the Arkansas Schools Tours that he did between 1996 and 2006. He has written several bible commentary books on the Christian Bible and in recent years he is enlarged known for his writings and teachings upon Christianity

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