Lewis Bryden

Lewis Bryden (born 1944) is an artiste known for naturalistic landscapes – mainly of the Connecticut River valley. He moreover paints genre scenes and makes certainty sculptures. Bryden's plein air paintings add up Mexico, Cuba, Alaska, Russia, New York City and the American West. He has exhibited back 1973 at exceeding 20 solo exhibitions and many outfit shows. Formally trained as an architect, Bryden is self-taught in the Good arts. His style is informed by his engagement in rendering stand-in kinds of light. Curator Martha Hoppin describes Bryden's method: β€œHe paints the spacious in space, and after that fills the space next nature.”

Bryden lives in New York City subsequent to his wife Elizabeth. His daughter, Nell Bryden, is a singer performing re the UK and Ireland. Bryden maintains studios in New York City and Hadley, Massachusetts. In Hadley, he paints in his home or on a houseboat upon the Connecticut River.

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