Luke Chueh

Luke Chueh (; born March 7, 1973) is a Chinese-American lowbrow, or pop surrealist, painter. His works tends to be a juxtaposition of the delectable with the macabre, including various self-portraits reimagining himself as a bear character.

Born to Chinese immigrants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chueh's associates relocated to Fresno, California soon after his birth. Taught illustration at a youngster age, he became obsessed taking into account interpreting the popular culture imagery he was surrounded by. Trained as graphic designer at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, he was hired as an in-house designer & illustrator at the Ernie Ball Company in 1997. His action during this times garnered him several awards as well as features in the 1998 design annuals of both Communication Arts and Print. In 2003, Chueh relocated to Los Angeles where he started pursuing a career as full period painter. He posts regular updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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