Marco Sassone

Marco Sassone, OMRI (born 1942, in Campi Bisenzio) is an American-Italian painter. He moved to Florence in 1954, where his captivation in painting began. He studied architectural drafting at the Istituto Galileo Galilei, and sold his first works, watercolor sketches, to tourists.

Sassone studied behind painter Silvio Loffredo, who had been a pupil of the Austrian player Oskar Kokoschka. These artists formed Sassone's before influences.

In November 1967, after the destructive flood that had devastated Florence, Sassone traveled to the United States where he settled in California. He moved to Laguna Beach, where he exhibited at the annual Festival of the Arts.

In the in the future 1980s Sassone moved his studio to San Francisco, where he encountered homelessness. He spent several years sketching the homeless people he met though observing life on the streets. This put on an act formed the exhibition "Home upon the Streets" which opened in 1994, at the Museo ItaloAmericano in San Francisco, and traveled to Los Angeles and Florence, Italy.

In 1982 Marco Sassone was Knighted by president of Italy, Sandro Pertini, into the Order to the Merit of the Italian Republic and standard a gold medal tribute from the Italian Academy of Arts, Literature and Science.

In 2005, Marco Sassone relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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