Moris Tepper

Moris Tepper, sometimes ascribed as Jeff Moris Tepper, is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and artist.

Tepper first came to beat in the late 1970s in the freshen of Captain Beefheart. He has afterward worked subsequently singers Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Robyn Hitchcock and Frank Black. He has recorded several solo albums. His album Head Off (2004) includes a lyrical collaboration with the reclusive Beefheart in imitation of the song "Ricochet Man".

Tepper met Beefheart (alias Don Van Vliet) by fortuitous while studying as an art student in Northern California in the mid-1970s. Van Vliet had already started to focus on painting and although they shared this in common it was following Van Vliet literary Tepper knew guitar parts to Trout Mask Replica that he became excited in putting together a additional band with hint to Tepper's unique guitar sound. This was done sophisticated in Los Angeles after Van Vliet and Frank Zappa had reunited briefly for the Bongo Fury tour. The upshot of the further band led to arguably some of Captain Beefheart's most creative music efforts including albums Shiny Beast (1978), Doc at the Radar Station (1980) and Ice Cream for Crow (1982). Tepper allied The Magic Band in 1976 and stayed in the band until 1982. He is one of the longest serving (without a break) Magic Band members and the forlorn one to get production tab for Ice Cream for Crow (1982)

Tepper's first released solo produce a result beginning with Big Enough to Disappear (1996) and then Moth to Mouth (2000) came after having been a sideman for many years. His music has been reviewed as "accessibly avant-garde" and although it may be difficult to shed his sideman cult status he remains inspired. Stingray in the Heart (2008) was described as an album that never pauses in a up to date territory.

Tepper is plus a painter and he divides his get older between music and painting.

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