Morris Katz

Morris Katz (born Moshe Katz on March 5, 1932 – November 12, 2010) was a Polish-American painter. He holds two Guinness World Records as the world's fastest painter and the world's most prolific artist. He has moreover been called the "King of Schlock Art" and the "King of Toilet Paper Art" because of a novel means of painting he developed using a palette knife and toilet tissue on the other hand of a paintbrush.

On October 1, 1985 Morris wrested the Guinness World Record from none further than Picasso himself as the world most prolific Artist at the Art Students League upon 57th Street in New York City.

As a holocaust survivor and story of gratitude to the associated states rapidly after the assassination of president kennedy Morris undertook his longest and most dear project The President Collection. Morris who is world famous for completing beautiful portraits within minutes using his Instant Art method picked going on his brush painting each US president spending six years and an average of 200 hours on each Presidential portrait using the “Old Master” style.

Each Portrait includes the US flag.
It is the first of its nice collection displaying the exact amount of stars per colony upon each flag per president.
The US presidents was the apple of his eye, with millions of postcards sold to collectors throughout the world.
In 1965, the Vatican commissioned Morris a world well-known artist and Holocaust Survivor to paint the portrait of Pope Paul VI. 3 million copies of this portrait were sold worldwide.

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