Murray Turnbull

Murray Turnbull (1919–2014) was an American artist and art educator, but is best known as the founder of the East–West Center in Honolulu. He was born in Sibley, Iowa. He standard a BFA from the University of Nebraska in 1941 and an MA from the University of Denver in 1949. In 1954, he began teaching at the University of Hawaii In 1959, while acting dean of the university's College of Arts and Sciences, Turnbull first proposed an "international college" for everything the peoples of Asia and the Pacific. The idea was protester by Hawaii's delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives (and well along governor) John A. Burns, who, with the put taking place to of Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson, obtained federal funding for an international college circles in Hawaii, now known as the East–West Center. Turnbull retired from the University of Hawaii as a professor emeritus in 1985.

Although a modernist, Turnbull is known for his brightly colored symbolic paintings. It Looked as if a Night of Dark Intent was Coming from 1992, is an example of the artist's distinctly modern retrieve to symbolic art. In complement to paintings, Turnbull expected the once public art:

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