Patricia Cronin

Patricia Cronin (born in 1963 in Beverly, Massachusetts) is a New York-based feminist cross-disciplinary artist. Since the early-1990s, Cronin has garnered international attention for her photographs, paintings and sculptures that habitat contemporary human rights issues. Cronin's conceptual artistic practice transits across many aesthetic platforms addressing social justice issues of gender, sexuality and class, including: lesbian visibility, feminist art history, marriage equality and international rights of women. She subverts normal art images and forms in a wide range of two and three-dimensional conventional artists' materials and breathes supplementary life into these images and forms by injecting her specific diplomatic content. Her critically acclaimed statue, "Memorial To A Marriage", is the first and on your own Marriage Equality monument in the world. A 3-ton Carrara marble mortuary sculpture of her life partner and herself was made before cheerful marriage was legitimate in the U.S., and has been exhibited widely across the country and abroad. Cronin began her career functioning for the Anne Frank Stichting (Foundation) in Amsterdam installing the traveling exhibition "Anne Frank in the World" in Europe and the U.S. Giving presence to female absence is a consistent thread that runs through and connects each body of work.

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