Paul Henry Ramirez

Paul Henry Ramirez (born 1963 in El Paso, Texas, U.S.) is an American contemporary artiste known for his biomorphic abstractionist paintings. As his figural based paintings evolved to tote up geometrics, in 2010, Ramirez coined the term "biogeomorphic abstraction" to describe his own bold painting style, a mix of biomorphic and geometric forms. He after that gained notability for his site-specific installations as his paintings began to press on outside the confines of the canvas edges onto the walls of the gallery space. These site-specific installations gradually evolved to encompass the collection gallery space, creating a full environmental experience. Donald Kuspit, scholar and art critic, describes Ramirez as “an important new nice of abstract painter . . . an abstractionist playing in the vent of color and form to thrill-seeking imaginative effect.”

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