Paul Heussenstamm

Paul Heussenstamm is a painter and lecturer from the United States. He began painting full-time at the age of 26. He conducts "Art as a Spiritual Path" workshops. Heussenstamm's be active has been featured in Unity in Chicago, Illinois; Agape in Santa Monica; and Church of Religious Science, Santa Barbara; His art is with featured at Deepak Chopra’s in La Jolla, California; Esalen, in vast Sur, California; and Oglethorpe University Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Both spiritual and multicultural, he is considered[by whom?] the premier player representing the mandala painting.

Paul Heussenstamm is the son of the artiste and writer, Karl Heussenstamm, and artiste and psychologist, Frances Heussenstamm. The household consistently engaged in spiritual discussion subsequently notable guests such as Sufi Master Pir Inayat Khan, actor Gig Young, transcendental painter Emil Bisttram, and health guru Gypsy Boots.

Heussenstamm's brothers, Mark and John Heussenstamm anything lead lives as artists.

Though originally aspiring to be a plein expose painter, Heussenstamm's spiritual and artistic journey led him from landscape paintings, to flower paintings, and upon to discovering his passion for mandala paintings. His first mandala was painted at a spiritual workshop conducted by Brugh Joy gone notable participants such as Barbra Streisand and Carrie Fisher. He was introduced to the healing potential of mandalas through the proceed and mentorship of Beverly Sheiffer. With permission, he adopted her method of painting mandalas for spiritual revitalization. Heussenstamm has continued to receive patronage for his mandala paintings throughout his journey.

Heussenstamm authored the book, Divine Forces: Art that Awakens the Soul. He after that coauthored several books:
Color Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Coloring Book; The Art of Mandala Meditation: Mandala Designs to Heal Your Mind; and Body and Spirit Mandala Masterworks: Beauty. Stillness. Presence.

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