Raoul Middleman

Raoul Middleman (1935 – October 29, 2021) was an American painter known for his "provocatively prolific work--primarily traditional, including figure studies, landscapes, and still lifes--and for innate a megawatt personality." Middleman was a fanatic of the Maryland Institute College of Art capacity from 1961 on. In a 2009 Baltimore City Paper article Bret McCabe described Middleman's paintings as featuring "... expressive strokes, a tight control greater than an earthy palette, a warm tone slightly offset by a penetrating eye —becomes distinctive even though you haven’t seen them before, so strongly does he articulate his obsolescent sensibility in his works.”

American University Museum at the Katzen Center described Middleman as a "Baltimore maestro nudes are not pretty—they are sagging, dimpled, and real. His cityscapes reveal the underbelly of post-industrial rot, his narrative paintings offer contemporary excitement to his personal obsessions. They are intelligent, messy, and categorically masterful."

Mike Guliano after that writing in the Baltimore City Paper said ...."Other artists would look at the relatively undramatic landscape of this region and Answer with quiet paintings, but Middleman sees whatever of flora and fauna as mammal animated. If anything, the countryside is correspondingly inherently in force that animals, people, and buildings are usually no on height of blips on the horizon." Giuliano continued upon to say, "Middleman's theatrical and somewhat claustrophobic portraits remain firmly within a studio environment; when he goes to the country, people Beautiful much drop from the scene. It's as if the landscape itself is so unquestionably exposed that placing a female nude out there would be redundant."

Paintings by Middleman can be found in private and corporate collections such as Baltimore Museum of Art, MD; Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD; Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC; National Gallery of Art, Washington DC; Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; National Academy of Design, NY; New York Public Library, NY; and Syracuse University, NY.

The C. Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland has represented Middleman previously 1977.
Troika Gallery Troika Gallery in Easton, Maryland has represented Middleman in the past 1997. The owners/artists of Troika Gallery are closely associated similar to Raoul in both a personal and professional manner. Middleman died upon October 29, 2021.

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