Rob Surette

Robert R. M. "Rob" Surette (born August 11, 1971) is a speed-painter and public speaker known for challenging audience members later his 6-foot paintings (created live, in 1–5 minutes each) and motivational messages.

Surette is known for utilizing amplified music, dramatic theatrical lights, accompanying video screens, body-encompassing paint-splattering painting techniques.

Since 1995, Surette has performed higher than 2,500 performances and his repertoire consists of higher than 500 alternating historical figures, musicians, movie stars, TV stars and athletes.

He is best known for speed-painting 6-foot portraits of Steven Tyler, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, Statue of Liberty, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and Mother Teresa.

Surette grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts acknowledged his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science/Business from Saint Anselm College in 1993.

Two years after his scholarly graduation, Surette developed his first speed-painting performances and called his unique artform "Amazing Hero Art".

In 2005, Surette performed on fine Morning America, and in 2008 Surette performed upon The Tonight Show following Jay Leno.

Also in 2005, Surette's name was further to the Rosa Parks National Wall of Tolerance Monument in Montgomery, Alabama, in admission of his tireless play a role towards racial equality.

Surette has next been official by Mother Teresa's successor, Sr. Nirmala, of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India, with a personal phone call, thanking Surette for his sham in American public schools, presenting his morals and values play a role entitled, "BE SOMEBODY!".

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