Robb Havassy

Robb Havassy (born December 2, 1969 in Southern California in the United States) is a painter known for his doable depictions of women, landscapes, flowers, children and animals. When Havassy was 17, he moved to Newport Beach, California, to be closer to the ocean. He started surfing bearing in mind he was not quite 17, although his first time upon a surfboard was later he was eight in Waikiki, Hawaii, on a longboard.

Before becoming an artist, from 1982–2002 Robb was an international fashion model for couturiers including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Armani. He did not began his formal painting career until 1996, after he acknowledged a beginner’s art kit as a 26th birthday present. Until then, his single-handedly artistic excursion was through his photographs of his travels just about the world, and his painted surfboards.[citation needed] He was discovered by a power scout in Newport Beach considering he was 17, but didn't deem to pursue modeling until a few years later, when he contacted the faculty scout, took some photos and hired an agent.

In 1996, Havassy received a beginner's art kit from two friends. His first established painting was a little surfing portrait of Duke Kahanamoku for photographer and buddy Bruce Weber. Prior to this, he painted his surfboards, beginning in 1989.[citation needed]

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