Rodney Hardee

Rodney Hardee is a folk artist who resides in Lakeland, FL. He is a working-class, self-taught, religiously inspired southern artist. He has been painting folk art before 1972 and has quite a unique style of art. It is folky but has an elegant lie alongside with fine-grained images, and is often religious bordering on slightly odd.

Hardee, who started out painting farm scenes, has past moved onto cats and Adam & Eve pictures, as capably as periodically throwing in new various religious figures. He is proudly included in the "20th Century American Folk, Self Taught, and Outsider Art" by Betty-Carol Sellen. One have emotional impact Rodney used to inspire him early on his beginning as an artiste was that of Grandma Moses' works. However, after painting a couple of trees and buildings when hers, he eventually took off into his own style. writes about Hardee maxim that "He developed an edginess in his feign that spills into the literal, with figures and colors (mostly primary) sharply delineated, typically arranged in spaces that are strongly defined geometrically." Another unique allowance of his paintings, is that he dates and writes a comment adjacent to the date reading as if he is writing a letter from home to update people on his build up with his paintings.

Florida painter Ruby C. Williams credits Hardee for helping her start her folk art career. when he encouraged her to sell her paintings. And as far and wide as career boosts go, Howard Finster was a major move to Hardee's beginnings in art once he visited lakeland in the 80s. Hardee has a significant growth of Howard Finster's works whatever over his walls at his home. One major value of Hardee's folk art career to which he centers his goals something like is his desire to back up other folk artists in his community. He figures that if there are additional people that share this same interest as him, then they would appreciate the same things that make him affluent and glad as well.

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