Ruby Williams

Ruby C. Williams is a folk artiste and manufacture vendor in Florida, United States.

She was born and grew going on in Bealsville, Florida - a community formed by freed slaves in 1865. She next became a minister in New Jersey. Since returning to Florida she has direct a manufacture stand and "walk in" gallery on State Road 60 in the past the ahead of time 1980s.

Williams is a self-taught artist. Her career in folk art got going in 1991 later than passer-by Rodney Hardee noticed her brightly painted signs advertising her fruits and vegetables. With the coaxing from him and others, Ruby, a spiritual businesswoman, minister and grandmother embarked upon the journey that has led her into classrooms, galleries and museums in Florida, as without difficulty as nationally. Recently Ruby illustrated a children's compilation titled, I Am Ruby. Her art and fabricate stand are covered by Jeff Klinkenberg in a section of his book Seasons of Florida.

Ruby Williams was honored with the 2005 Florida Folk Heritage Award and was included in the show, "On Their Own - Selected Self-taught Artists" at the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum in Washington D.C.

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