Sarah Yuster

Sarah Yuster (born December 29, 1957) is an American painter.

Yuster studied painting at the High School of Art & Design,with Irwin Greenberg and Max Ginsburg prior to attending the School of Visual Arts, from which she customary her fine arts degree. Her teachers included Irwin Greenberg. A resident of the West Brighton neighborhood of Staten Island, she is noted for both her landscape painting and her portraits. She has next worked on a series of immediate films later photographer Michael McWeeney. Married to musician Robert Mosci, she has two children, a son and daughter.

Yuster has shown paintings at the National Academy of Design and the Biggs Museum of American Art, as capably as at numerous galleries something like New York City. Her portrait of Saul Bellow is owned by the National Portrait Gallery. Her depiction of Neil DeGrasse Tyson is held by the National Air & Space Museum. A portrait of E. O. Wilson which hung in Harvard University was donated to Wilson's alma mater University of Alabama, while Yale University owns a portrait of Coit Liles, commissioned by the Skull and Bones Society. Yuster's behave is afterward in the collections of the Thai royal relations and of numerous corporations.

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