Shai Dahan

Shai Dahan (born 1979) is an American contemporary painter and street artist who works afterward painting, drawing, illustrations and sculptures.

In 2007, Dahan moved to New York City where he participated in street-art projects such as the NYSAT, Underbelly Project, and MOM&POPism. He as well as began to exhibit his art next galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. In July 2012, Shai established recognition for his solo exhibition at the Borås Art Museum in Sweden. He was complex featured as the start keynote speaker at TEDx Göteborg in October 2012. Shai was afterward awarded to paint a two-meter United Buddy Bear
for the city of Borås in Sweden. A limited edition checking account of the United Buddy Bears were next created by Shai as portion of the Borås Buddy Bear Mini Festival in December.

In 2019, Shai painted Sweden's largest outside mural in Ryavallen stadium which is on zenith of 950 square meters. The mural was painted as allocation of the European Athletics U20 Championships.

Dahan has been awarded as Ambassador of the city of Borås on June 29, 2019. He has along with been named one of Borås 40 Under 40 Most Successful People.

On October 5, 2019 Shai completed The World's Largest Dala Horse (Dalahäst) in the Lower East Side of New York City.
The mural of the Dalecarlian Horse[circular reference] has been measured to be 18 meters (59 feet) high, which has been considered to be the World's Largest Dala Horse artwork as of 2019.

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