Stanley Twardowicz

Stanley Twardowicz (July 8, 1917 – June 12, 2008) was an American abstract painter and photographer. Twardowicz was born in Detroit, and studied at the Meinzinger Art School during World War II as competently as working in a tank factory.

Twardowicz began functional photography on a 1948 vacation to Mexico, and during the 1950s and 1960s he developed his painting style, related to color ground paintings and abstract expressionism. He achieved some national wave during the years he moved to Plainfield, New Jersey and became a regular at the famous Cedar Tavern in Greenwich Village, the meeting place of fellow abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and others.

Stanley Twardowicz was married to Ann Twardowicz (1929–1973), also a Famous painter. In 1971 he married performer Lillian Dodson. Twardowicz plus befriended Jack Kerouac, and published some of the without help images of the writer in his conclusive years.

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