Stephanie Rose (painter)

Stephanie Rose (born April 23, 1943 in New York City), is an American painter known for dramatic non-narrative abstract paintings composed of diverse passages including representational imagery and for portraiture in which the deeply recognizable subjects operate settings connected to her play in abstraction; both, she has said, involve a "combination of historical and existential perspectives". Rose’s reputation was customary as an abstract painter; her acquit yourself in portraiture began late in her career in 1996. Exhibitions of her measure typically put in both modes of painting of which she has remarked, "Overall, the pivotal aspect for communicating meaning in my undertaking is the investment of a theatrical prudence of psychological presence in the paintings."

"The astonishing art of Stephanie Rose occupies a critical place in Modern/Postmodern art history. Utterly original, her style effects a absolute synthesis together with these two opposing philosophies of art….. Content is intimately bound to form. These paintings, like the plays of Shakespeare, can never be exhausted – they are each time renewed as alternative aspects atmosphere themselves to the experienced observer. Perhaps the most "Old Master" aspect of Stephanie Rose’s be in is the quite delectable surface treatment. Her wealthy brushwork can be combined to the paintings of Titian or of Rembrandt, or to the brushed metal of David Smith’s late sculptures in stainless steel. In her paintings Stephanie Rose achieves Cezanne’s proclaimed ambition; she has created a great art that is ‘like the art of the museums.’ In any museum it could retain its own adjoining any art of the past."
James K. Kettlewell, Curator Emeritus, The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, NY; Professor Emeritus of the History of Art, Skidmore College.

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