Steven DaLuz

Steven DaLuz (born 1953) is a contemporary American Neoluminist artiste known for using chemically induced patinas upon metal leaf and dirty media to fabricate figurative works and imagined landscapes often reflecting upon the sublime as a pictorial theme.

DaLuz was born in Hanford, California. His works have been published in art periodicals, such as American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, The Artist, Professional Artist, The Huffington Post and Poets and Artists magazine, where he conventional the lid for the Nov 2009 Issue. Considered "ethereal and transcendent", his artwork has been said to combine "a spectacular dissertation upon light and shadow afterward a brilliant hoard of colors". DaLuz holds degrees in Social Psychology (BA, Park University 1979), Management ((MA, Central Michigan University, 1981)), Graphic Design (AAS, San Antonio College, 2001), and Fine Arts (BFA, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2003).

He donates works of art and allocation of the proceeds from the sale of his function in favor of many charitable actions.

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