T. E. Breitenbach

Thomas E. Breitenbach (born July 29, 1951 in Queens, New York) is a self-taught American performer best known for his painting Proverbidioms, a raucous and droll depiction of higher than 300 common proverbs and clich├ęs. He in addition to collaborated in the announce of Jim Morrison of The Doors, shortly in the past Morrison's death, on a painting intended for use on his An American Prayer album. Breitenbach studied architecture and fine arts (in an independent laboratory analysis program) at the University of Notre Dame, before leaving behind to become the youngest person to receive the Rome Prize Fellowship in visual arts. Breitenbach declined the second year of the fellowship and, inspired by the castles and museums of Europe, returned house determined to construct a castle-studio to house his art and eventually become a museum. During the planning stages he painted Proverbidioms and future published it.

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