Victoria Barr (painter)

Victoria Barr (born 1937) is an American artist, painter, and set designer.

Victoria Barr was born in New York, NY, in 1937 to the curator and art historian Alfred H. Barr, Jr. and art historian Margaret Scolari Barr. As a child, she spent summers in Greensboro, Vermont, with her parents, as well as attended a number of residential camps focusing upon the arts. Barr often traveled to Europe taking into consideration her parents from the age of 14 onwards, meeting influential artists bearing in mind Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Marc Chagall and collectors in imitation of Peggy Guggenheim. For high school, she went to Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts. After tall school, she briefly attended Radcliffe College (1955–1956). Then she studied at the Parsons School of Design, focused on graphics and advertising. There she took classes in art history from Leo Steinberg and in color theory from Si Sillman, who was Josef Albers' studio partner in crime at Yale. Afterward meeting Sillman, Barr fixed to attend the Yale Art School, graduating in 1961. She started at Yale functional to be a commercial performer in graphics later started taking painting classes from Neil Welliver, then once Albers, another one of his assistants Cy Twombly, as capably as Bernard Chaet and William Bailey. She lived and worked in Aspen for some grow old in the in advance 1960s. Back in New York, she worked for a period as a secretary to the art dealer Steven Spector. Then in 1964, she traveled to Paris, France on a Fulbright scholarship, along like fellow player and Fulbright scholars Nancy Graces, who would well ahead marry Richard Serra who united their help in Paris, and Philip Glass. After two years in Paris, she returned to the US in 1966 and got a job at the Museum of Natural History in the exhibition's department for a year. Barr higher taught courses at Hunter College and at Barnard. She yet lives in New York, NY.

Barr is most capably known for her abstract landscapes, which come out of a tradition of post-war American Abstract Expressionism, Lyrical Abstraction, and Color Field painting. Her yet to be works she described as "filmstrip-type" paintings and later "stained paintings." She also linked her be active to an captivation in landscape to Chinese landscape painting in terms of every second layers of gradation. Her feign often deals when her immersion in harmony the world, outside of the European Christianity. Her extensive travels throughout Europe, South and East Asia, and the Pacific were share of this research project.

In 1970, Barr's feat was shown at the John B Meyer's Gallery with produce an effect in acrylic and watercolor and a series of "stained paintings" at Larry Aldrich. In 1981, she had a be active at the Haber Theodore gallery in New York. She has works in a number of important collections, including Surfacing (1971) in the Whitney Museum collection and the University of North Dakota's collection.

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