Vladimir Gorsky

Vladimir Gorsky (1953–2008) was a Russian-American painter.

Gorsky was born in Moscow and emigrated from Russia to Texas. He died upon September 30, 2008 at 13:56. His art is on the walls of heads of state, private collectors, and art galleries as regards the world. His portfolio ranges from a Russian fairy parable series to miniature gold leafed portraits on small wooden eggs. Special projects include "From the Depth of Ages" depicting historical artwork from rock tablets to the Mona Lisa. His painting "Tapestry of the Centuries" comprises 350 people and comings and goings that shaped the chronicles of the world from the mature of Christ occurring to the year 2000. The medium is mixed media on canvas. The canvas is 9' × 18' and took 3 years to paint. This painting has achieved international recognition. The "Tapestry" is currently on display at the Museum of Biblical Art (Dallas).

Another painting called "Miracle of the Desert", shows many historical images of Las Vegas. Vladimir's store of pop art "Celebrity Portraits" of musicians, Hollywood idols, world well-known icons and entertainers captures the essence of the 20th century in a bold style that is modern nevertheless timeless.

According to Fine Art Magazine:

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