Zane Lewis

Zane Lewis (born 1981) is an American Visual Artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His abstract paintings and sculptures insinuation color field painting, pointillism, phenomenology, and minimalism. And have been stylistically referred to as 'psychedelic minimalism'.

The acclaimed New York Times art critic Roberta Smith, called Lewis' paintings "skillfully spray-painted whose changing tonalities and densities have a glowing, slightly psychedelic see suggesting an exaltation for Jules Olitski, the California Light and Space motion and Las Vegas. Spray-painted subsequently diaphanous textures, delicate and quickly beautiful." Lewis' works contain a phenomenological aura pushing the notion of lecture to experience upon the viewer. This essence becomes ration of Lewis' tool kit as he forces those to engage his paintings sculpturally, a "Turrellian approach" to painting.

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