Painting refers to the application of paint, pigment, color, or any other medium to a hard surface (called the matrix or support). The most common method of applying the medium to the base is with a brush. However, other tools such as knives and sponges can also be used, including airbrushes.

Painting is a term that describes both the act and result of an artistic work (the final product is known as a painting). Paintings can be supported by walls, paper and canvas, as well as wood, paper, canvas and paper, lacquer and pottery, leaf and copper, and may also include multiple materials such as plaster, clay, plaster, gold leaf and paper.

The visual arts include painting, which includes elements such as composition, gesture, drawing (as with gestural paintings), narration (as with narrative art) and abstraction (as with abstract art). Paintings can be representational and naturalistic (as is still life and landscape painting), abstract, narrative, symbolic (as with Symbolist art), emotive, or political in nature (as shown in Artivism).

Sasson Soffer

Sasson Soffer (1925–2009) was an American abstract painter and sculptor. His take action has been exhibited extensively throughout the world.

Brian Andreas

Brian Andreas (born 1956) is the otherwise known as of Kai Andreas Skye, an American writer, artist, publisher and speaker widely known for his simple and poetic sharp stories of 50 to 100 words, often in the middle of distinctive color drawings. The stories range from wry comic commentary to elegant and refer meditations upon...

Monte Dolack

Monte A. Dolack (born May 23, 1950) is an American graphic performer who lives in Missoula, Montana, in the United States. Frommer's called him "one of the best-known artists in Montana." He works primarily in watercolor, acrylic paint, poster art, and lithographs. Dolack's proceed often features whimsical animals in both a natural and pretentious setting...

Don Kloetzke

Don Kloetzke (born 1951) is an American painter, known for his wildlife art portraits, he has in addition to painted landscapes, still life, World War II plane along taking into consideration emotional Green Bay Packer devotee themes.

Gloria Klein

Gloria Klein was an American painter based in New York City. Klein was a advocate of the Criss-Cross art cooperative. Klein's take effect is primarily geometric and nonrepresentational, and she is considered a founding zealot of the Pattern and Decoration movement. Her take effect is included in the long-lasting collection at the Blanton Museum of...

John Taylor Dismukes

John Taylor Dismukes is an artist, whose deed has appeared in a variety of media.

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