Painting refers to the application of paint, pigment, color, or any other medium to a hard surface (called the matrix or support). The most common method of applying the medium to the base is with a brush. However, other tools such as knives and sponges can also be used, including airbrushes.

Painting is a term that describes both the act and result of an artistic work (the final product is known as a painting). Paintings can be supported by walls, paper and canvas, as well as wood, paper, canvas and paper, lacquer and pottery, leaf and copper, and may also include multiple materials such as plaster, clay, plaster, gold leaf and paper.

The visual arts include painting, which includes elements such as composition, gesture, drawing (as with gestural paintings), narration (as with narrative art) and abstraction (as with abstract art). Paintings can be representational and naturalistic (as is still life and landscape painting), abstract, narrative, symbolic (as with Symbolist art), emotive, or political in nature (as shown in Artivism).

Dave Pressler

Dave Pressler is an American illustrator, animator, sculptor, character designer and painter based in Los Angeles. Much of his appear in focuses on whimsical portrayals of robots and strange, fantastical creatures. He is perhaps best known for his Emmy-nominated, short-lived Nickelodeon series Robot and Monster, which he created and produced similar to Joshua Sternin and...

Will Blake

Will Blake (born 1991) is an American painter best known for his representations of American Civil War reenactment. He studied at the Florence Academy of Art in the summer of 2012, the Glasgow School of Art in the spring of 2013 and graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign BFA painting program in 2014. His...

Arthur Hall Smith

Arthur Hall Smith (23 March 1929 – 20 February 2013) was an American painter. Smith grew stirring in Norfolk, Virginia where he conventional his first drawing counsel at an early age from his father, who was a naval architect. He studied at Illinois Wesleyan University, where he obtained a BFA. He conventional a Fulbright Fellowship...

Lindsay Dawson

Lindsay Dawson (born December 21, 1959 in Palo Alto, California) is an internationally collected American painter and a frequent guest upon the Fine Art Showcase television show. He is best known for his idealized impressionistic paintings of women and kids in beach and garden settings, and romantic (usually retrospective) Americana scenes.

Emerson Woelffer

Emerson Seville Woelffer (July 27, 1914 – February 2, 2003) was an American artiste and arts educator. He was known as a prominent abstract expressionist artiste and painter and taught art at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. Woelffer was one of the important people in bringing modernism to Los Angeles, when he

Merton Simpson

Merton Daniel Simpson (September 20, 1928 – March 9, 2013) was an American abstract expressionist painter and African and tribal art saver and dealer.

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