20th-century American painters

Some of best 20th-century American painters:

Annie Shepley Omori

Annie Shepley Omori (1856 – 1943) was an American artist, activist, and translator. For the first fifty years of her life, she produced work below her maiden name, Annie Barrows Shepley. She studied art in New York under Harry Siddons Mowbray and in Paris at Académie Julian under Jules Joseph Lefebvre and Lucien Simon. After...

Therman Statom

Therman Statom is an American Studio Glass player whose primary medium is sheet glass. He cuts, paints, and assembles the glass - adding found glass objects along the way – to Make three-dimensional sculptures. Many of these works are large in scale. Statom is known for his site-specific installations in which his glass structures dwarf...

Full list of all 20th-century American painters:

Julian Russell Story