18th-century American painters

Some of best 18th-century American painters:

John Valentine Haidt

John Valentine Haidt (an anglicanization of Johann Valentin Haidt) (1700–1780) was a German-born American painter and Moravian preacher in Pennsylvania.

Robert Edge Pine

Robert Edge Pine (1730, London – November 18, 1788, Philadelphia) was an English portrait and historical painter, born in London. He was the son of John Pine, the engraver and designer. He painted portraits, such as those of George II, of the Duke of Northumberland, and of Garrick (in the National Portrait Gallery); a series...

Reuben Moulthrop

Reuben Moulthrop (1763–1814) was an to the lead American performer based in East Haven, Connecticut. During his lifetime Moulthrop was well-known for the wax figures that he settled in tableaux (which at the time were in view of that popular that they were even exported to the West Indies), but he is known to posterity...

Johann Conrad Gilbert

Johann Conrad Gilbert (1734–1812) was an American fraktur artist. An emigrant from Germany, Gilbert ultimately decided in Berks County, Pennsylvania. By profession he was a Lutheran schoolmaster posted to several churches in Berks and Schuylkill Counties. He was married and had a large family; at his death he left his relations Bible, with "writings therein",...

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