18th-century American painters

Some of best 18th-century American painters:

Francis Guy

Francis Guy (1760–1820) was an English-born American Colonial Era painter. Mostly remembered for his topographic views of Brooklyn, Guy is today intensely regarded as one of America's prehistoric and most important landscape artists. Guy participated in the family concern as a London silk dyer back he moved to the United States in September 1795, where...

John Smibert

John Smibert (rarely spelled Smybert; ; 24 March 1688 — 2 April 1751) was a Scottish-born painter, regarded as the first academically trained artist to living and perform regularly in British America.

Benjamin West

Benjamin West, PRA (October 10, 1738 – March 11, 1820) was a British-American artiste who painted famous historical scenes such as The Death of Nelson, The Death of General Wolfe, the Treaty of Paris, and Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky. Entirely self-taught, West soon gained valuable patronage and toured Europe, eventually settling in...

Hetty Benbridge

Hetty Benbridge (died 1776) (also known as Esther Benbridge, Hetty Sage, or Letticia Benbridge) was an American painter of miniature portraits. Esther "Hetty" Benbridge (née Sage) was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She studied in imitation of painter Charles Willson Peale. Peale's impinge on can be seen in the long oval faces of her portrait subjects. She...

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