19th-century American painters

Some of best 19th-century American painters:

Wickliffe Covington

Wickliffe Cooper Covington (July 2, 1867 – December 1, 1938) was a 19th-century and early-20th-century American woman painter.

Maria Judson Strean

Maria Judson Strean (1865 in Washington, PA – 1949 in Pittsburgh) was an American portraitist, recognized primarily for her artistic undertaking as a miniaturist. Strean studied at the Art Students League of New York following Kenyon Cox and J. Alden Weir. She plus studied in Paris, where her teachers included René-Xavier Prinet and André Dauchez....

Mary Josephine Walters

Mary Josephine Walters (1837–1883), also known as Josephine Walters or M.J. Walters, was portion of the 19th century American landscape painting pastime known as the Hudson River School. She studied under Asher Durand and specialized in oil and watercolor painting. Though there is not much suggestion about her life, her paintings exhibited much of the...

Rosalie Lorraine Gill

Rosalie Lorraine Gill (1867–1898) was an American painter.

Full list of all 19th-century American painters:

Julian Russell Story

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